The division between fantasy and reality is artificial.

I say that as a bald statement of what I believe to be fact.

An issue arises when people start to compartmentalise their lives into different entities, different beings, different worlds.

In all, there is just one world. One can have different approaches to it, different mannerisms and different ways of being according to prevailing circumstance, but there is nothing that can stop any individual person from just being themselves.

I have realised this gradually and I have also realised that the vast majority of people do not seem to understand this.

People fantasise. Mostly men, but not always. But people do fantasise about all sorts of things. Some philosophical and artistic movements would have it that if one visualises something often enough and with enough conviction and force, it will come true.

Reality is simply not like that. And yet, reality can sometimes transcend any supposition or expectation one may have had. Reality transcends fantasy.

Mistress is a special person. She is beyond devotion. She is a special person in my life, over and above the fantasy of chastity, the make-believe of submission. She is special.

And yet chastity and submission are nevertheless part of this reality. This is no joke. This is no game. I remain chaste because I must, because I wish to, because it is pleasing to Mistress. I hope this is what she would wish.

That is all. All  I can do is my best. It is never enough. But I hope it is pleasing to her.


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