We all live our own lives.

It would seem this would go without saying and yet I somehow feel it is important.

My life has changed utterly over the last year or so. I have gone from being a weak willed subordinate nonentity to being a proud submissive. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, yet I feel it very strongly.

In submission is strength.

I have come to this world late in the day. I know this. And yet thank goodness I discovered it.

I may fail and falter in my devotions, but it does not weaken the force of my feelings.

So I say again, we all have our own lives. Mistress has her life. It is not the same as mine. I have no right to impinge mine upon hers. Yet still there is a connection.

It is similar to that connection between fantasy and reality. At times it can appear tenuous, but its very strength lies therein.

Too often I see complaining individuals, worried that they are no longer the centre of attention, clamouring to be heard and demanding of their Mistress, although for most they have never even met her.  Too often these individuals are wrapped up in their own emotions, their own bizarre notions of what constitutes reality. Too often, far too often, they are wrong, and misguided.

Even after all this time, day by day I am more and more grateful to Mistress, more and more appreciative of the special person she is. Yes, Real Life happens. But it doesn’t get in the way. It just happens.

Yet again, I swear and vow that I remain chaste, though unlocked. I cannot prove it. I can offer no evidence to validate what I say. And yet I can say absolutely truthfully with hand on heart, I remain chaste, in all ways.

Is this enough? Does it matter?

You see, I have my own life. Mistress has her own life. Yes, I am utterly devoted to her, and yet I hope I make no demands. All I try to do is to try to make her life a happier place in whatever small way that I can. That is all. There is no grandiose plan. There is no clamouring for attention. There are no demands. Because the happiness of Mistress is first and foremost.

The paths of our lives diverge and converge, weaving their own tapestry. I am so so proud to be part of the weft and weave of the life of Mistress. And I hope, believe, she understands that she is one of the most important people in my Real Life.

Because she is.



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