I remain unlocked.

I remain chaste.

And yet . . .

. . . I am only human.

For many, a chaste relationship is exactly that, a relationship. Chastity forms part of that bond, part of what makes the relationship special.

For a single male, there is no such bond. There is only devotion.

And so it gets to a certain point in time when one realises one cannot be trusted. My devotion is no less. My intentions are no less pure. As I said, I am merely human.

It has been a long time since I had any kind of “release”. And I have to confess, right now, I wish only that the bonds were tighter. I do not like things swinging around down below. I feel uncomfortable with it now.

I don’t play chastity games. I don’t really play any games at all, as far as I know, although I am aware others may not share my own opinion of myself.

All I want is to be devoted, to make Mistress happy if I possibly can.

But I have to say being unlocked can only carry on for so long. I will have to lock again. I know this. I look forward to it. I have a strange kind of craving for it, for the security and the comfort of knowing everything is securely tucked away and beyond reach.

The thing is, I know I am essentially weak. I try to be strong, but I know that I am only trying. I do my utter best but I know it is never enough.

And so, I remain unlocked. I remain tempted. I remain steadfast, for now.

But it cannot continue forever.



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