It has been too long.

I started this blog to try to explain to others the reality of chastity and submission, to try to explain what it felt like, the pitfalls and dangers besettingĀ a single individual relating their personal experience.

That, more or less, is what this has been.

And then it suddenly stopped. Real Life kicked in.

But that does not mean everything stopped. In a certain sense it did, I suppose. But the mind is an amazing and wonderful thing, almost as amazing and wonderful as Mistress.

I rededicate myself to Mistress right now and that is because I have realised something important. And that something is the essence of submission.

Some believe that the essence of submission lies in subjugating oneself physically, often played out in deftly managed scenarios, where the submissive dictates the rules and says what he or she wishes to happen. There is frequently a sexual element to proceedings, with the so called “submissive” being “allowed” to satisfy their desires at the end of the “game”.

I am not being overtly critical of this way of doing things. I am merely pointing out that it happens.

For me, the essence of submission is not crawling around on all fours, perhaps chained and collared, submitting oneself to the will of a dominant female for one’s own gratification.


I cannot say “no” enough to that.

The essence of submission is to focus as much as possible on what makes Mistress happy. If it makes Mistress happy to flog you and whip you and do whatever she wishes with you, or to abuse and demean you, or to treat you like a pet, then fine, all is well. As long as it is pleasing to Mistress.

But sometimes, what Mistress wishes is to be left alone. Sometimes what she wishes is just a few nice words of a morning. Sometimes what she wishes is a nice long bath.

The important thing is to do what Mistress wants.

One other thing I have learned, and this is a very important thing. Never ever presume to know what Mistress wants.

It is a strange world but, when you think it about it, though it may seem like fantasy, it is not so far from reality after all.


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