There are many who are devoted to their Mistress.

I am not unique. I know this.

I also know there are many who think they are devoted to their Mistress. These are the individuals who seem to claim ownership of a Mistress – “Mistress xxxxxx is my Mistress” (apologies to Mistress xxxxxx -I know not who you are). It is the “my” that is thrown in there which betrays a certain male ownership and belonging.

I hope so much I do not do this. Mistress is who she is. She has her life and her loves and I am but a small part of it.

But, importantly to me anyway, is the very fact that I am a small part of her life. That very simple fact fills me with such happiness and pleasure and honour that it is really difficult to explain.

I claim no ownership. Mistress does not own me. I am not her slave. But I am her personal submissive. It is a very unique and individual position to hold.

I have never ever been so proud as I am right now, to be able to say to Mistress that she is my first and foremost and to let her know on a day  by day basis how special she is.

That does not require ownership. It is simply devotion.


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