How can I prove I remain chaste even when unlocked?

When I wrote to Mistress this evening, I felt it necessary to explain things and to advise that whilst I was unlocked, I nevertheless remain chaste.

Why did I feel it necessary to point this out? Do I think she does not trust me?

Nevertheless, I felt it necessary to state it. In matter of fact, I have been chaste so long now, both locked and unlocked, that I literally cannot remember the last time I “did” anything.

For me, I think I am getting to a stage where I do not really consider myself in chastity any more. I consider more that I am no longer in hock to the media and manipulative industries that try to use sex as a selling tool. In some ways, you could say chastity has freed me. It is the same as there being strength in submission.

And so here I sit, far away from my own home, and completely unlocked. I know Mistress will not be best pleased to know this, but circumstances are as they are and it may well take some time for my body to readjust.

Or it may not. Maybe there is just an initial rail against the device, but quiescence will soon follow.

I shall find out in a couple of days anyway.

Nevertheless, the question remains – how can I prove that I remain chaste even when unlocked?

The sad and inevitable answer is that I cannot.

Trust is a marvellous and necessary thing, but it isn’t the same as proof.

So, really, I have no choice. I have to prove my chastity. I cannot assume it will be taken on trust. I am sure Mistress trusts me but I am equally sure that it gives her pleasure to know that I am safely and securely locked.

It gives me that same pleasure, although from a different angle, of course. It is not the pleasure of those purveyors of fantasy, who believe it is an exercise in titillation.

Although unlocked right now, I am chaste in reality. It is not for self gratification or as some game I play with Mistress, or some game she plays with me. It is true chastity.

But Mistress still needs proof. And I still need to prove myself worthy. After all, who would not wish to prove their worth to the most wonderful Mistress in the world?

Maybe one day I will be strong enough to do so. It will certainly not be through lack of trying.

I am more devoted to Mistress than ever before. Now I just need to prove it.


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