It seems so simple.

“Respect your Mistress.”

And yet so many seem not to, seem far too hell-bent on achieving their own desires.

It seems so easy for so many to forget who their Mistress is. I am going to hop off my hobby-horse here and include all Mistresses, of any persuasion, whether they be professional or otherwise, financial or otherwise, online or otherwise.

It is absolutely fundamental that a submissive respects their Mistress as a human being.

This person with whom you associate, whom you hope can fulfil your wildest fantasies, she is just a human being, living in the world as you do, experiencing all the goods and ills that life has to offer. She is who she is.

Why should any submissive feel they are able to make any demands of their Mistress? There can be discussions, of course. In fact, there need to be. But demands? For goodness sake!

And never ever forget that your Mistress has her own life. In the rarefied atmosphere of fantasy, the internet is full of individuals proclaiming this and proclaiming that and posting photos and flittering and fluttering about how wonderful their Mistress is and oh I have lost my mind because Mistress is so wonderful I have forgotten she is a human being.

Sometimes Mistress just needs a hug.

Sometimes Mistress does not need you at all.

Sometimes you have to forget that Mistress is Mistress and just accept that she is a normal human being, living a normal life, and that sometimes this febrile fantasy fetish world is not centre stage.

That does not mean that your Mistress is any less wonderful. On the contrary.

What it means is that a submissive has a duty too.

A duty to respect their Mistress.


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