Mistress is everything.

You think I mean that lightly? I do not. Without Mistress, I would be stuck in the doldrums of deepest darkest nothing. She has shed light on my life, she has elevated me, she has given me hope.

This is a companion piece to yesterday’s utterances with regard to respect, but today’s missive is about how you can do more. And should do more. Your mostest, in fact.

For many, their Mistress is a plaything. I find this notion intolerable.

To think that some believe they are there as the toy of their Mistress belies the fact that they believe their Mistress is there as their toy. Such people swoon at the thought of being dominated, at the thought of begging at the feet of their Mistress. They revel in the idea that they have given their permission to be played with. They adore the idea that their Mistress controls them and that their life is no longer their own. They have given themselves over utterly to the control of another.

It just isn’t like that, not in reality.

In reality, if one is lucky enough, one meets a Mistress who is true, who is truly a Mistress. She does not worry about the day to day fangles any individual male finds themselves in. She does not concern herself with the childish boorishness that so many males display. She is not interested in having a “live-in slave” – oh my gosh how many times have I read about those who claim they wish to be a “live-in ┬áslave”? I mean, who’s will is being pandered to in this scenario? Come on, guys, and gals. It ain’t happening.

However, none of this means that obedience is not necessary. There is a subtlety to obedience. There are nuances to be understood. There is consideration.

If Mistress says of such and such “oh that would be nice” then that is an order, plain and simple. To do anything less is raw disobedience.

And the fundamental driving force behind true obedience and obedience to direct orders is not the threat of pain, or even the promise of pain. It is not the threat that Mistress may decide to punish her slave or submissive for failing to do her will.

The most awful and abiding punishment is that one knows one has failed and one has caused one’s Mistress disappointment. She might not say anything, but one who is truly devoted will know.

I have failed Mistress. Many times. The shame burns me. But I strive, day after day after day, to try to make her world a better place. I will keep on striving.

There are not many people on this planet Earth I would bother spending the time with. But Mistress is second to none.

Obey your Mistress. Obey her unspoken demands. Do all you can to please her. For she is the most important person in the world.


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