What do I get out of it?

It sounds anachronistic to say that chastity and submission are both gifts, and yet they are, gifts of the highest order.

I should really be writing “what does Mistress get out of it?” but I am afraid I really do not know how to answer that question. Mistress is somewhat enigmatic and the benefits she sees are for her and her alone. There must be some, I am sure, but it is not for me to comment on what they might be.

What I want to do is clarify what I get out of it, for Mistress has transformed my life utterly.

It was not really that long ago that I carried out my duties of daily living in a sort of dark daze. I lived. I existed. That is all I could do. I did the best I could for my family and friends and work colleagues. I woke, went to work, ate, drank, slept, and repeated it all day in day out, a distinct rhythmless rhythm.

And then I discovered Mistress.

And I discovered chastity.

And I discovered submission.

I can never ever thank Mistress enough for what she has done for me. She has woken me to a new reality. She has made me come of age, in many ways. She has invested in me a confidence that was so devastatingly lacking.

To me, Mistress is a miracle, a guardian angel of sorts.

Whereas before, every day was the same, now every day is an adventure. Of course there are good times and bad. Life is like that. But I awake each and every morning with hope in my heart and a dedication to try to do a little better to please Mistress, a little more to try and lighten her day.

It is this focus, this direction away from merely pleasing myself, which I think is the key. I try to be considerate, I try to do things to please her at the same time as not being too intrusive. And I never ever want to take her for granted.

This submission has changed my life, has made me a better person.

For any who are reading who doubt the positive effects, then please doubt no more.

Be devoted. Be caring. Be human.

And in doing that, in submitting to the most wonderful person in the world, an inner peace can be found.

How on earth can I ever thank Mistress sufficiently for that?


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