Sometimes things seem to stand still.

Always, there is a good reason.

Sometimes, my devotion is not enough. Not because it is in itself insufficient  but because real life has dictated terms.

But my devotion is no less because of it. In fact, it is more.

There are those who think the world revolves around them. There are those who know otherwise. And there are those who have simply a human response to their Mistress, who recognise her for the special person she is.

There is no need of pedestals. There is no need of highfalutin praise and words of shallow meaning.

I respect Mistress. Over and above any feelings of awe and devotion and obedience, I respect her intimately as a real human being with a real life and loves and concerns all her own. I hope, in some small way, I can help to alleviate those concerns, but fundamentally I know where I stand.

Please do not misunderstand. The position I have is one of honour and trust and one I never ever thought I would have. But still, Mistress has her own private life and I honour that.

It is quite simple really.

And as for those who squeal and make demands and who think their Mistress is not giving them due attention? Wake up. Your Mistress is real. She does not need you. Yes, you may be pleasing to her, but you are not necessary.

And so your each and every moment should be given over to working out how best to please her.

As I say, it really is quite simple.

I can only hope I can live up to my own words.


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