. . . or nothing.

I just wanted to make a little comment tonight.

I just wanted everyone to know how wonderful Mistress is. These are not the brightest of times. Real Life sometimes takes the wind out of one’s sails.

But I think it is important to note that this does not lessen the strength of devotion. It only increases it.

Now is by necessity a certain time of lull. I have been quiet for a few days. I shall be quiet for a few days more. I know Mistress understands.

How many are that lucky that their Mistress understands?

In all honesty,I suspect there are far more Mistresses who are far more understanding than their submissives are prepared to admit and I find this kind of sad.

Understanding is an important thing. Respect is even more important. I absolutely respect Mistress for everything she is and everything she does.

As I said at the start, I wanted to write this short entry just to say how wonderful Mistress is.

Because she is.


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