I wasn’t going to write anything tonight.

But I feel I must.

Yes, life goes on. Yes, real life impacts on the life of fantasy. And yet I am beginning to realise there really is no separation. There are people. People interact. People get on with each other, or they do not.

The fantasy chastity life is no fantasy at all. Submission is no fantasy at all. There are ways of doing it which reduce it to a game. I think I realised long ago that I do not indulge in that. This is far too important to me.

And the reason why it is important? Oh yes, you guessed it. It is because Mistress is important. And because Mistress is special.

I have seen those sites which display images of so-called submission, where it is entirely subsumed into a sexual game of tease and denial, flirtation and apparent subjugation.

Do I find such things titillating?

To my eternal shame, I would have to admit that the thought of such things has indeed, in the past, given me a kind of thrill.

But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, which can compare with the reality.

If you are ever ever lucky enough to meet such a wonderful person as Mistress, then you are lucky indeed. Submission goes far deeper than mere game playing. It goes far deeper than even what I would call a normal friendship.

To submit to Mistress is an honour. There is no other word to describe it. It is not a game, it is entirely non-sexual, but it satisfies a deep deep and inexplicable need.

And if you are ever lucky enough to know Mistress, then you will know how special your submission is.


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