I realised something tonight.

Some things are more important.

It is not so much a graduated scale, but a realisation of the relative importance of certain things which occur within the timescale of any individual’s life.

It is, simply put, some things are more important.

I have a family. I have brothers and a sister and a mother and father. Many would call me lucky. Yet there are always arguments and disputes. There are always areas where people disagree and it can reach quite ridiculous, though serious, proportions.

But there is always a bottom line.

This world of fantasy and submission and chastity, what is it really? Is it meaningless, just a game to be played when less serious things are taking place?

That may be the case. That may be how others see it.

But it is not. Because out of it can grow the most beautiful of things, which this world sees only too rarely.

This submission is part of reality. It may have been borne in the fantastical realm (or, equally, it may not) but right now, there is nothing but respect and admiration for a most wonderful Mistress. Not many are as lucky as I.

The world of fantasy  can take a backward step.

Some things are more important.


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