My goodness those little spikes hurt!

It is the nature of the device. There are a certain number (far too many, it seems) of little silicone spikes which dig in all the time. There is some pain. Well, soreness really. Or, to be entirely honest, just awareness.

I have worn this device before and I know its effects. I normally prefer stainless steel but for now, I am happy with this one.

I think some people come to male chastity thinking it is just a matter of denial and frustration, that the whole experience is to do with the male’s inability to do what he would otherwise do apparently “naturally”.

I can tell you, it hurts. Physically. It isn’t easy.

Some would say if it hurts, then you are not doing it correctly. But honestly, what could possibly be comfortable about wearing a stainless steel cage strapped to the most intimate parts of your anatomy? It just is not comfortable.

And even if not steel, then any device of any nature. What could possibly be comfortable, or natural, about locking yourself up like this?

Fundamentally, is the pain worth it?

There are different kinds of pain, many different kinds. Different people use it for their own ends. I simply do not understand self harmers. It seems that the pain itself is the goal, helps to drive out whatever demons such people have.

But locking is different.

Yes, it hurts. Yes, there is discomfort. But the pain itself is not the goal.

There is a quiet satisfaction to be had knowing that one has locked oneself up safely. It is a safety thing. It is almost a kind of comfort blanket. I know it sounds strange, counter-intuitive, but, as I have said before, I feel safe when I am locked.

I am afraid I think Mistress would not be best pleased if she thought I was suffering unduly. But I am not suffering unduly. It actually really isn’t suffering at all.

I just wanted to make it clear to any “newbies” out there to not expect tease and denial alone. Please, expect it to hurt sometimes but know that it is absolutely worth it.


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