I don’t normally write at this time of the day.

Well, to be honest, I haven’t been writing much at all recently.

Today, however, is different.

Last year, on Christmas Day itself, I locked. I intended to remain locked for as long as possible. I nearly lasted till the end of January but, as it turned out, so damaged myself in the process that I remained unable to lock for several weeks afterwards.

I like to think I have learned from my mistakes. But perhaps not.

So, last night I decided I should have a Christmas Lockdown.

It is a different device this year, a birdlocked-style silicone device, very small, with internal spikes. Yes, I can hear your laughter. What a fool, you are thinking. Yeah, I accept that. But I just felt a need to be locked.

It is strange that I regard it as a “need” and not a “desire”. It is strange, I guess, that a single male with no ties and nothing to bind me to another should choose to lock away their precious anatomy for no apparent good reason. And yet it is so.

So I locked myself up good and proper before bed last night. And then promptly lost the keys.

Now, it is one thing to lock oneself up. And it is entirely another to hand the keys over to a willing partner or even a Mistress. But to actually lose the keys? That is an entirely different order of things altogether. Nobody is in control.

Please don’t worry though. I found the keys this morning and they are safely tucked away in a safe place. Circumstances are not currently such that Mistress would wish them. There is a lot going on in the world and my personal proclivities are the tiniest thing.

I just wanted to lock as a sort of mark of respect for Mistress, quietly and unsung. But I also wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten you. I know I have been lax recently, for any number of reasons, but my devotion has not lessened. If anything, it has increased.

And so we have Christmas Lockdown. Twelve days minimum, I hope. The intention is to get through to Twelfth Night. We shall see how things go.


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