Sometimes, just sometimes, one meets someone special.

And sometimes, even more rarely, one meets someone superspecial.

I coin this word for my own. Or, rather, I don’t. I coin it for Mistress. Or she coins it for herself. It barely matters. What matters is that Mistress is superspecial.

Many may consider this the inane ramblings of any one of a thousand or more blind submissives who are only out to advertise their Mistress and to try and bring more and more people into her path so that her job of being Mistress becomes easier as her slaves become more voluminous.

If you think that about me, then you have me all wrong.

And you have Mistress all wrong.

Mistress has one slave. It ain’t me. I don’t think I could cope with that.

Mistress has one true submissive. That’s me. I hope that’s me, anyway. She may have more. I simply do not know. But I know what I am to her.

The point of this evening’s rambling is connected to a thought I had today as I went about my daily business. And that thought was “why on earth do I do what I do for Mistress?”. I mean, basically, where is there a good reason for anything that I do? I can easily claim to worship her and to think she is the most wonderful person I have ever known, but I know these are just words. Words are cheap. I know this.

But Mistress is worth more than that.

These are not idle ramblings. These are words of respect and admiration to someone who has turned my life around and made me a better person. Mistress has shown me a better way to be and I can never, ever, thank her enough for what she has done for me.

Some may worship their Mistress for sexual fantasy, for some interior self satisfaction, for selfish reasons.

I do not worship Mistress. I respect and admire and adore her. I think she is the most wonderful person ever. She has made me a better person and I can never thank her enough.

Mistress is superspecial.


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