It is New Year’s Eve.

I wasn’t going to write anything. But I feel I must.

This year has been astonishing. I finish the year as I started it, locked safely and securely. I do not know if I do this “for Mistress” or just for myself. I just know that it makes me happy. I hope and believe it makes Mistress happy too.

It has been a year like no other. When it started, I felt such utter adoration for Mistress, such respect and admiration, such complete devotion. And as the year ends? That adoration and respect and admiration and devotion has never ever been stronger. Mistress is simply the most wonderful person to ever enter my life and I am so grateful to her.

And I am so lucky. I know I have said this before, but now seems an appropriate time to say it again. I am so lucky to have met Mistress. I know there are many many people who go through their whole lives just wishing and dreaming and never ever getting the opportunity to properly appreciate and adore their Mistress.

I am no longer such a person. I have met Mistress. And she is more wonderful than I could ever have possibly imagined.

More than that, I count Mistress as a friend, a deep and dear friend. I have not many friends in my life, but of those that there are, Mistress is the most special, by a long long way.

How many get to express their devotion like this? How many are so fortunate?

And so the year concludes, for me, in adoration and devotion and nothing less than a substantial increase in both. Mistress is wonderful. She is a wonderful person. This is not blind devotion. It is merely recognition of reality.

Some may laugh at me, think I am deluded, think I am merely lost in some sort of submissive fog. But I know. I know a special person when I meet them.

For any doubters, all I can say is look to your own. If you are as lucky as I and can say you adore your Mistress over and above any normal D/s relationship, then I truly believe you have something special and I would advise you to never ever risk ruining it through selfishness.

And if you are not lucky enough? Never give up hope. Ever. I nearly did, and now look.

And so the old year fades and the new is about to begin. It has been an astonishing year. I hope Mistress allows me to continue to offer her gifts and adoration and devotion and  submission for many years to come, but for now, I wish all of you the best New Year you could ever have.

And, finally, I have to thank Mistress just for being so wonderful.

Thank you, Mistress. Thank you so so much.


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