I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it faintly irritating that as an old year draws to its close, television and newspapers are full of “reviews of the year” before the year has even ended.

It is just a minor gripe, but one which leads me to review my own circumstances.

These writings started in June 2016 with Lockdown and, with a few interruptions, are still continuing.

My devotion to Mistress began way back, it seems, in May the previous year.

And so as I was driving the many miles back home this afternoon, after family visits, my thoughts turned to differences, where I was before, where I am now. How, basically, the world has changed, how I have changed.

Before this whole chastity and submission adventure took place, I didn’t really have a life. I know I have written about this before so will not go into any further. I will merely say that I now have a life. All my own, all my own choice, and yet devoted to Mistress.

Before this whole adventure, I had no adventure left in me.

This is one crucial thing Mistress has taught me. Never give up. Never give up hope. Never give up trying. Never give up learning. Never give up on those nearest and dearest to you.

And with that she has ignited within me such a lust for life that I have never felt before. There is such a fundamental a basic desire to do things to please her, to try and make life a little better for her, but it trickles through into everyday life too. I try harder for everyone around me, I try to be a better person to everyone I know.

In short, Mistress has made me human again. Indeed, she has made me a man.

I nearly titled today’s post “Of Mice and Men” for when I first came to Mistress, I was indeed a mouse. No longer. What mouse could write the things I write here? What mouse would dare?

And it was Thoreau who wrote “we all live lives of quiet desperation” and yet for me this is no longer true. I live a life of quiet hope.

So, reverting back to the very start, where are we now? How did I get here? The answer is simple and straightforward, just a single word:




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