It is time.

There is actually such a thing as being unlocked for too long. I know Real Life can impinge and knock things sideways for a time, but this chastity thing just grips like an iron vice, much as does the chastity device itself.

February 15th 2017 will be Male Chastity Day, when all who can will lock for as long as their Mistress wishes.  In truth, it is a day of honour.

But I realise I am so badly out of shape, so out of the swing of things, and have been so unused for far too long to being unlocked.

And so today, at lunchtime, I decided it was time to start training. I used one of my previously little used devices, for a very specific reason. First, because it was relatively unused but also because it is by far the heaviest device I have, being solid steel (not bars or wires or cage) with a very hefty base ring.

I dare say at some point I will detail some the relative merits and demerits of some of the devices I have, but for now I just wanted to let it be known that locking is back.

I also want to make it clear that this in no way has been at the behest of Mistress. She has not asked for this and maybe has either no desire or no interest in it. But I personally felt it important enough that I should be in a fit shape to lock if and when it may become required or desirable.

After all, who would wish to reach Male Chastity Day only to lock and then start whining that it was sore or that things hurt, only to remove the device before 24 hours have passed.

That is not how I want to do things.

Mistress deserves my absolute best efforts and in order to deliver on those best efforts, some preparation is needed.

And lo and behold, once the device was fitted and secured, there was no discomfort at all. It seems all the time spent locked last year has embedded itself in my body’s mind and there was almost an audible sigh of relief from my anatomy when the padlock clicked shut.

This is what it feels like. This is where I am. This is who I am.

I know I wrote yesterday about choice and the difference between different kinds of chastity, different kinds of submission, and reasons for doing things.

Maybe, just maybe, sometimes those reasons can coincide, for Mistress and for me.

So, I am back in training. I will experiment with other devices over the coming few days and weeks and report back on progress. I can advise that as of now, I am unlocked, not wishing to risk a full night in an essentially untested device.

When it comes to it, I know which one I shall use. It can be seen on this blog’s home page.

Lastly, please do not forget to vote in my poll. It is only running this week. Really, if there is anything people wish to see me do differently or write differently, or include or exclude, please let me know. All comments are most welcome.




4 thoughts on “In Training

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