Some things never change.

From the earliest days, I have been blessed, or cursed, with a short fuse.


It seems I am unable to learn anything substantial. I have always the best of intentions but they always seem to result in the worst outcome.

In some ways I have become used to it. I am quite used to the worst outcome but I get a little distressed when I think I have done something which is displeasing to Mistress.

Such is the situation this evening. Without any bidding or requirement, I locked for the morning. I had an important business meeting and felt it inappropriate to be sitting in a cold room listening to the judgmental evaluation whilst sitting locked.

But this morning was lovely. I will maybe go into the device details in due course, but for now, please know today has been entirely experimental and, actually, quite sore, but in a pleasant way.

Back on the wagon, as they say.

I really need to curb this enthusiasm, though. I might do myself and injury.


One thought on “How far . . .

  1. It’s good to know you’re enjoying the exquisite pleasure again.
    One of my devotees is simular to you. He’s can be like an excitable puppy.
    Enjoy further meetings. I’d wouldn’t be surprised if others (male/female ) where undertaking something to please a mistress /master.


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