I wasn’t going to write anything tonight.

But I saw a news clip that got me thinking. It was about whether MPs should always follow the party line or if they had free will and were allowed to make their own stand in support of those who elected them to office.

This, I must clarify, is in no way a political blog and never will be. This is not the place for such things. I only mention it as it started a stream of thought in my mind.

And it is this.

Do I always have to obey orders from Mistress? Do I always have to do what I am told? Do I actually really have any choice at all?

It sounds like a dilemma, or a ridiculous question. I mean, what true submissive could even ask such a question?

But in my case there is a somewhat unusual circumstance.

Simply put, Mistress does not make any demands of me. She is just not like that.

I can hear those who gasp, who wonder what is this all about, who wonder whether or not there is any D/s thing here at all. Is she a real Mistress at all?

Oh believe me she is. It is far more subtle than issuing orders and expecting them to be obeyed. It is about pleasing Mistress.

I have said before that I am not a player of games. No. This is real life. I am utterly devoted to Mistress and want to do nothing other than anything that will please her, make her life a better place, bring a small smile to her each and every day.

And therein is the challenge, the order, the obedience.

  • Mistress does not issue orders. She expects.
  • Mistress does not have to tell me to do things. She wishes me to know what needs to be done and then expects that I will do it.
  • Mistress does not have to make demands. The choice of giving myself to her will has already been made. It is my duty now to make her happy.

Does a Mistress have to be continually issuing orders and dealing out punishments to those who fail to live up to expectations?

No, I do not believe this is what a Mistress should be doing. And seeking those punishments is not something a submissive should be doing.

He should be doing his utmost to please his Mistress, without being asked. He should not require punishment. Punishment should be a reward for good behaviour. And he should never ever annoy, upset or anger his Mistress.

For believe me, at every turn Mistress is being kind to you.

So do I really have to obey orders all the time? Absolutely and utterly yes, where they are issued. Because I trust Mistress.

But orders should never be needed.


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