Recent events have changed the world.

This is true on the grand global level but also true on the more intimate personal level. Things will just never be the same again.

It is just the way things are. I completely accept that. I understand when it is time to move on and to reinvent.

The world of male chastity is such a strange world, and yet so strangely familiar as well. The world of BDSM too is such a strange place and yet it curiously feels like home, although it is so unlike the “home” I am used to. Or, rather, it is curiously unlike the home I used to be used to.

I am not currently in a place where I am able to lock safely. This will change soon. It must.

But although I am unable to lock, I can still think.

Thoughts turn to the past, the journey, how I got here, how wonderful Mistress is, what adventures there have been in the past. And I just wonder what adventures there lie in wait in the future.

For one thing is sure. The future is going to be nothing like the past.

Mistress told me the other day that sometimes the place you need to get back to needs to change. I have never felt the truth of this more strongly than now.

But I am not negative about it. As I sit here thinking and wondering, in amazement, about the past, I cannot help but feel excited about the future. I know there are bad things that will happen, but I also know there a good things.

It is a new place.

Mistress has taught me so much, changed my life and made me a better person. One of those things is to make me understand that things change but that we should always, always try to make the best out of things.

So welcome to this new place. I do not know what it contains, where it is leading, or what to expect. But I do know my eyes have been opened and I am utterly prepared to launch into what is to come with life and verve and gusto and devotion, if Mistress will allow it.

Because part and parcel of it is ongoing and complete devotion to Mistress, come what may.


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