I am locked.

I have just had a rejuvenating and cleaning bath and realised immediately that it is time.

So, I am locked again, in my favorite device and one I know I can wear for a long time.

It really is quite extraordinary. It feel so comfortable, so right. It is impossible to explain this feeling.

It just seems as if that appendage is no longer mine. I know this is not strictly true, for I have the keys here and can unlock any time I wish.

I just do not wish.

Maybe this year I will be lucky enough for Mistress to take the keys, even just for a short time. I know it may not happen. I will never ever make any request or demand in that respect. But if she so wishes, then perhaps it might be so.

But for now, my mind is awash with the sheer pleasure of being locked again. My world is now just so. It is like starting all over again, but with a little bit more knowledge and experience.

Let us see how things fare this time.


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