A lot has happened.

A lot has changed.

But some things have not changed.

When one decides to submit to someone, if they then accept this submission, the game is off. The rules have changed.

But when Real Life steps in, sometimes thing break. But sometimes things get stronger.

For the first time this year, yesterday I was free and able to visit Mistress, just to find my new place in the world, after everything that has happened and the way the world’s axis has shifted. And what did I find?

Only the truest most indominatable most magnificent Mistress in the whole wide world. I knew that anyway, of course, but sometimes things get stronger. Sometimes Mistress can surprise not by harshness but by kindness and understanding. And really, it is not true surprise, because I know what Mistress is like.  Mostly.

And so, yesterday, to experience the flogger and whip and dragon’s tail and everything else and just the sheer experience of Mistress has all brought me from the depths of despair to an understanding of what the real world is like.

This is not fantasy any more. This is my real world.

And thank you so much to wonderful Mistress for making me realise this.



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